Anywhere but here…

Hey everyone!

I haven’t written in forever and I’m not even sure if anyone reads this blog… but I’m going to write anyway, because I love writing and it makes me happy! I’ve been “stuck” waiting for perfection, I guess. I couldn’t figure out how to design the blog or what to name it. (I changed the name of the blog… and will probably change it again). Today, I decided it’s better to go forward with “something” instead of continuing to do nothing. Plus, it’s not like I’m getting graded! So, I’m diving in. The more I write, hopefully the more this blog will shape itself and become what I want. If not, thanks for reading anyway!

I want to write a few posts about ways to be more productive and get more out of life. 🙂 We will start with the first item on my list. (listed in no particular order)

#1  “Anywhere but here”

This is basically a concept that I think we’ve all experienced from time to time. For me, this is the phenomena that says, “Life is better somewhere else.” Or, in other words, I’d rather be anywhere but here.

I made a conscious decision a few years ago that life is to be enjoyed in the moment. Still, it’s hard to stay in the moment all of the time. People have a tendency to think, life will be better when… (I get paid, get married, get divorced, have kids, kids graduate, etc). Life will be more enjoyable when I move to Hawaii or go on Vacation in Phoenix. There is somewhere else that would be better for me.

I want to propose that maybe we are all exactly where we need to be. What if, the struggles that you go through on a daily basis are there to teach you a lesson and make you stronger? What if you took the time to embrace the thought that you are “here” and there is not “anywhere” else you need to be? Would you be more appreciative? Would you be happier? Could you endure your burdens a little longer?

This year is almost over and this is when people generally look forward with hope and expectations. My hope is that I will spend more time appreciating what I have, where I am, who is a part of my life at this moment.

That’s it!
I’ll write more later,

Carpe Diem,

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