About TheMidnightBeauty

I’m me. Living, loving, learning to be a better woman with every post I make and picture I take. Sharing a little of the journey with those who want to follow.



I was about to laugh. 9/10 I smile with my teeth.

I love to travel, read, write, dance, exercise and laugh. I also like learning, teaching, and helping people… but this isn’t about work.  I work crazy long hours and this is my attempt to maintain my humanity and continue to have passion and joy while helping others restore their health. Multi-facted. I am who I am. Don’t plan to change that, unless for the better.

Random Facts: I’ll add more as I go

  1. I never broke a bone until age 28. Then, I broke my ankle twice in one summer.
  2. I love running -ran 2 marathons, 3 half-marathons, and lots of 5/10 Ks -planning to start back running in January
  3. I love writing but don’t necessarily like writing on a schedule
  4. Love reading but don’t want to be told what to read
  5. I’m a rebel. With and without a cause. Depends on the day.
  6. Even though I don’t think anyone reads this blog, I’m content to keep writing just because I think it’s cool. lol.
  7. I have 2 whippets. They run really fast.
  8. I love taking pictures.
  9. I created the “selfie” years before it was a thing.  I plan to continue doing it- do not judge.
  10. I take pictures with my cell phone. I have a brand new REAL camera though… I’ll start using it soon!




IMG_4680 IMG_4779 IMG_4868   IMG_5075 IMG_5089

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