Hey everyone!

Haven’t written in a while. I did a month of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics… so that had most of my time but I’m back! I have been working on renewing my attitude and looking expectantly towards the future. I want to take a second to look back to January 2012 and remember the goals I set. I personally feel better and more alive when I am aiming for something.

Dream BIG, There are NO limits to your potential!

Have you set any goals for 2012? If so, we are about half way through the year. It may be time to re-assess, change some goals, and get to accomplishing them! I’ll share a few of mine: 1. To read 12 books this year (progress, I’ve read 4 complete books and working on 2-3 (at the same darn time), 2. stay active and healthy (I workout 5-6 times a week, dance for fun, and am staying healthy), 3. Try new things and meet new people  (I am trying to get out more after work and extending myself more often).

Books so far:
The Help (1)
Hunger Games Part 1-2-3 (3)
Battlefield of the mind (4 chapters left)
The Four Agreements (half done)
Fifty Shade of Grey (just started this book but 450 pages in so far)

Do you have any goals and progress you’d like to share?


Dream Big,
Sweet T

3 thoughts on “NYR in JULY?

  1. I think the biggest goal and progess I've made this year has been healthwise. I've started running and exercising more regularly. Although I haven't noticed any drastic weight loss, there hasn't been any gain and I'm confident that once my body adapts, I will be ok.

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