By popular demand… Hostile Environments and how to survive!


I’ve decided to share something that is posted in my office at work. “The Ten Commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment.” Written by T.D.Jakes.  He actually wrote a book by the exact same name. I haven’t read the book but I definitely love the synopsis that is plastered on my wall. I may actually get the book and read it too. As I posted on IG, my mom gave me this to keep me encouraged At a particularly difficult time.

I was trying to find a copy that I could just paste here but the internet has ALL of the versions of this list BUT the one I want. 🙂  If I can’t find it, I’ll just retype it by hand.

“The Ten commandments of Working in a Hostile Environment

– Bishop T.D. Jakes

1. Understand that God anoints you for trouble. Examine yourself to be sure you are a true christian and walking by faith. If you feel bad about going to work, you have unconsciously cast aside your self confidence and are already defeated before you get there. PRAY AND PUT ON THE ARMOR OF GOD before going out to work in the morning.

2. Don’t expect to be appreciated where you work. Your only expectation should be to carry out your assigned duties and collect a paycheck. Don’t come to work to be fed emotionally, validated personally and have lasting relationships. Don’t allow what happens to you at work to affect who you are.

3. do your job well BUT remember your mission. GOD PUT YOU THERE TO BE A LIGHT! You are the Man or Woman for that job.

4.Seek opportunities to change the atmosphere without commenting on the problems. BE A PROFESSIONAL AT ALL TIMES. The problems in the office may be a stepping stone to your future. When you talk about or against it, you are interfering with the purpose of why God placed you there. Also, don’t bring personal problems to work, you have a God to talk to about them. You’re on assignment. In quietness and completeness shall be your strength.

5. Don’t let your environment get inside of your. You should influence it, not let it influence you. Stop going to work to be fed- you didn’t come to receive, you came to give. CELEBRATE WHO YOU ARE.

6. Increase your capacity to work with different personalities. God will often bless you even through people you don’t even like! The facts of life are not always in Black and White.

7. Remember where you are does not define where you are going. This will deliver you from frustration. God has a plan for your life. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. When Peter kept his eyes on the Lord, he was able to walk on what other people sank in.

8. Ger optimum result with minimum confusion. Be effective without making the environment worse or creating chaos in the process.

9. Don’t be aligned or associated with one group or clique. Labels limit your usefulness. Love everyone, but get involved with no one. God wants your to work with everybody but be labeled by nobody. Make use of your diverse gifts and abilities to be a blessing to others, without being critical and judgmental.

10. Always keep a song of deliverance near your. Don’t allow adversity to distort or crowd out Gods’s eternal truth that build up your life. Keep a consecrated place in your soul where goodness, love, and mercy prevails. Hold on to the POWER OF PRAISE!!!”

Ok, I gave up on looking for it online. I typed it verbatim. You’re welcome.  Just kidding. I do hope this helps though.

I’m an “encourager” by nature. I even chose a career where I am required, honored (and able) to encourage people on a daily basis.  I always find it disheartening when I am confronted with needlessly rude individuals at work… well in other areas too but generally we are required to go to work. It’s a bit different though because I could avoid the rude people at the grocery store, mall, or even out on the streets. But as my mom has said, you can’t leave every city where there are people who annoy you. Sometimes you’ve got to just buckle down and weather the storm. I’ve learned that USUALLY something good will come out of the situation in the end; even if it is just the ability to ignore and tolerate fools and succeed anyhow. But, I’m no masochist and I do realize that sometimes hostility is abuse and NO ONE deserves to stay or work in an abusive, unsafe, or toxic environment. Trust me, your body WILL suffer; maybe your mind too.  Above all things, we must protect our mental, physical, and spiritual health.

It’s probably not a secret, but I believe in God. I appreciate the strength that I feel I get from my faith. I appreciate the ability to find joy even when times are hard. I’m sure, though, that even if you didn’t believe in God, you could find something helpful in these commandments written by T.D.Jakes. He also has some bomb (i.e. good) sermons on for free online. I watch these when I can’t make it to church because I am working on the weekends.

I’m also going to include the Youtube sermons with the same name. I haven’t watched them yet but will after work today. If you don’t need encouragement, skip this blog post. If religion offends you, skip this blog post. Not pushing anything on anybody just writing about what works for me. 🙂

Keep fighting. Keep praying. Keep smiling. Keep working on yourself. Learn from the tough times. Rejoice in the GOOD. Let no one steal your joy.

Be Blessed and go find something beautiful!

-The Midnight Beauty

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