Tough Decisions… Easy Choices.

Hey everyone!

Hope that you are ALL staying warm in this frozen, icy weather. I personally, do not like Winter all that much and though I try not to complain my body rebels! (Hence, my short get aways to enjoy the sensible sun that seems to frequent everywhere but here! Shout out to Puerto Rico!) I actually wrote a blog while I was in Puerto Rico for my College Friend/Hallmate/Soror’s 30th birthday… but I didn’t post it. I was too busy being uber relaxed. Beach, Rainforest, fun, and laughs. It was exactly what I needed!

I am back om TheMidnightBeauty making a quick post because nothing is really on my mind to really blog a lot. I was looking up quotes that I thought were pretty awesome, so I’ll share some of those. I’m working 12 days straight and today is day 6/12. So I’m half way done. I heard there was a light at the end of the tunnel… and I sure hope it isn’t a TRAIN! hahah Just kidding, hard work is fine and it’s all going to be for my betterment in the end.

So what about the title!? Well, I decided to name it this because I have been bothering my family and close friends with lots of conversation on some decisions I need to make… have to make.. and will soon decide one way or another. You know that quote, ‘crap or get off the pot!?” Well that doesn’t really apply here. LOL. But, It is time for me to make some choices about my life and how much I value some things vs. others… you know, because I am a LIMITED being. If I am going to have to sacrifice something, I want to make sure it’s the right thing. Eventually, I will follow my heart and gut and do what I know I’m going to do anyway… I just am belaboring the point for my own psychic good (referring to my psyche, not the fact that I can read minds and predict future. Oh but how I WISH that were true; might be able to make some extra cash that way!) LOL

I have ALWAYS loved quotes. They speak to my heart and soul. they make me think deeply. They make me laugh and challenge my beliefs. They help me start up conversations with strangers when I get tired of talking about the weather. And best of all, there is ALWAYS a quote that supports your opinion and tells you that you’re doing the right thing (this of course is biased but… you may feel a little better before taking a big leap and obviously, a large part of succeeding is believing you can! The rest is blood, sweat, hard work, and tears. I’ve already done the latter.)

Anywho, here are some quotes to enjoy and ponder:

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Be Inspired and Inspiring,

The Midnight Beauty

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