Hair-y Questions: Warning, picture overload!

I wonder why it is that every time I decide to braid my hair up and leave it alone for a while… I MISS my natural hair!? 🙂 I guess I want what I can’t have. Since putting twists in 2-3 weeks ago, I’ve thought of all of these creative hair styles I can do and different things to try… but I am NOT taking these twists out at least until I’ve had them a month. 🙂 I can always play with my hair later.

PS: I found these pics in a “draft” post and figured I’d go ahead a share them… in case I haven’t before. Lots of random pictures with random hair styles… Some never made it out of the house LOL. I had fun looking back through these pictures… 🙂 Enjoy!

Stay Stylish,


IMG_7040 IMG_7274_2 IMG_7456 IMG_7403This picture is in Barbados after I jumped into the ocean.. in my dress! 😀

IMG_7622 IMG_7733 IMG_7819 Playing around with a side pony IMG_7909

DSC_0127 Doing my heel stretch on a plank of wood after my bike ride. :=D IMG_7039 IMG_6990IMG_6981_2 riding in the stretch limo to the resturantIMG_7001_2    IMG_7034IMG_6812 IMG_6764 IMG_6735 IMG_6063 IMG_6488 IMG_6062 IMG_6031 IMG_5351 IMG_5239 IMG_5095 IMG_4715 IMG_4603 IMG_4604 IMG_4169 IMG_3526 IMG_3800 IMG_4116 IMG_3880 IMG_3112 IMG_3116 IMG_2550 IMG_2436 IMG_2433 IMG_2018 – My 29th birthday!  5 months to the next one 😀

One thought on “Hair-y Questions: Warning, picture overload!

  1. The great thing is that the twists aren’t permanent! AND, they are not chemically changing your hair! Having natural hair really DOES give flexibility. Nice hair styles and it is ALL your own hair.

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