Good memories on Good Friday…

These are REAL pictures I took in Barbados. I LOVE being at the beach. The breeze, the salty air, the fancy, colorful grown up drinks that have cherries and an umbrella.. My home away from home. Give me a Hammock.  The Beach. Blue Water. White Sand.  I'll be in heaven on earth! Speaking of Heaven... … Continue reading Good memories on Good Friday…

12 Years a Slave… then I was free

Today has been an amazing day for me. Though I'm not feeling the best, I decided to go enjoy this beautiful day.Actually, the past week I have decided... or shall I say dedicated myself to being NICE to myself. The art of self-care and self-love. It's something every adult should really learn to master.Took myself … Continue reading 12 Years a Slave… then I was free

From the Beaches of La Republica Dominicana!!

Hola mis amigos! Yo estoy in La Republica Dominicana ahora. And that is the extent of my Espanol and I can't even guarantee that's grammatically correct! LOLI'm typing from my iPad, so I'll make this quick. I am having a blast! I know enough Spanish to get by and the natives don't seem to mind … Continue reading From the Beaches of La Republica Dominicana!!

Bloom where you are planted!

Good morning!First and Foremost let me say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! We've made it a WEEK into 2013. I hope your mood is still high and you are still optimistic about your resolutions. I'll post later about goals/New Year's Resolutions (NYRs). Today, I want to briefly remind everyone to bloom where you are planted! Allow me … Continue reading Bloom where you are planted!

The first thing we give away… Surviving the storm

Hey guys!Thank you so much to all those who have read my blog and enjoyed it! I am back again, sharing my thoughts after a very long day at work. As a psychiatrist, I often have to take on the stress, anxiety, grief, and pain of other people and help them to cope. I don't … Continue reading The first thing we give away… Surviving the storm