Hi Beaus and Beauties,

I hope you’ve all been doing well! I just wanted to write a quick post to say how grateful I am. It is SO easy to get into game of comparisons and “good, but not good enough.” I think it is vital that we make a concerted effort to take a step back and TRULY count our blessings. Count our joy. Count the things for which we are grateful. Even when it seems there isn’t much that is going our way, if we take a moment to consider the alternatives… it won’t be long before we can name something we appreciate.

I used to have a habit of writing affirmations and counting the 5 things I was grateful for each day. I think I will make a goal of getting back to that this summer. The world can feel scary and small when all you do is focus on what it is you feel went wrong. Hmm That rhymes…  

Here’s to long days and warm nights. Enjoy Summer!



2 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. It’s funny you posted on this topic because I was just reading about it. It’s the gratitude that we offer in our life that attracts other good things to happen. The reason this works is because when you are grateful it puts you in a mind state that allows you to appreciate and see things that you otherwise take for granted. Subsequently, when new difficult situations happen in your life, you learn to see the good in them. This puts you in a positive vibration which attracts more positive vibrations. I think that then and only then you will notice that the good that you are “attracting” was actually there all along. Additionally your mindset, creativity, and attitude changes which actually makes you a better environment for positivity to exist. To prove this point, think of what happens when you put a positive person in room of negative people.

  2. Welcome back! Thanks for the reminder to our blessings! We learned that in church early as kids in Sunday School. But, we tend to forget. God is blessing us each and every day. Even when we don’t think of the event as a blessing, God has a plan.

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