Day 5: The Art of Self-Care


I’m beginning to remember why I called this blog the MIDNIGHT Beauty. It’s becoming harder and harder to actually post in the day time. 🙂

Today, was a lesson in self-care. Last night, before bed, I asked the husband to hold the baby and gave myself a pedicure. I lost some flexibility in my hips during bed rest/pregnancy but I stretched it out to show my feet some love. My son has forgotten the difference of night and day and proceeded to only sleep when held and wake up IMMEDIATELY when he was placed in his bassinet or sleeper.

He finally lost the fight to the Sand Man around 7:30… AM. And therefore, I was EXHAUSTED today.

We had plans to do something fun and maybe even squeeze in a workout but honestly, we were both exhausted and I proceeded to have a “nursing vacation.” This consisted of lying in the bed, in the dark,  breastfeeding and getting up only for food or to use the restroom or drink. Pretty exciting, right?

I took a pretty good nap and finally got out of bed feeling energetic around 9 pm. So now I’m ready for the nighttime , sleep battle with my 2 month old again.

Usually,  I’d have guilt about lying around all day, but not today. I’ve learned that if we don’t fill our own cup… we will run dry. No one can fix that for us. Put yourself back on the priority list and then slowly move yourself to the top!

Hope you all had a beautiful Saturday, I hear it was a nice day.

Rest up,


The Midnight Beauty

2 thoughts on “Day 5: The Art of Self-Care

  1. Sounds like a rough night and day! But, I hope the baby will find a better sleep pattern soon. Glad you did get those moments for a pedicure. 😄 Making time for yourself is imperative to being well grounded. It helps us stay on kilter!

  2. In a world where selfies are the single most common type of photography, and a braggadocious arrogant billionaire can win the US presidency it is refreshing to come across someone who has to reminded to think about themselves. I’m not saying it’s good to not consider yourself to your detriment; just that it is beneficial to us all to think of others first. Philippians 2:3.

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