Day4: Foodie Friday | The BLUE Apron

Hey Beaus and Beauties!

Today is the FIRST Foodie Friday. I’m not sure if I’d consider myself a “foodie” though. I enjoy good food but am not very adventurous in the types of food I want to eat. Actually, I get quite disgusted at some foods LOL. Anyway, I just wanted to share my first Blue Apron experience in pictures.

It was easy enough to follow along and I’m a pretty good multitasker in the kitchen. The recipe requires that you do multiple tasks at once. So, if you need to do things “one at a time” you might find this recipe difficult.

Here’s the dish:

img_5478 This recipe used chicken thighs.  I honestly do not like chicken thighs ( I prefer white meat)  so that part of the recipe was disappointing to me. But, my husband liked them… A lot!


Arrived in a well refrigerated box. You get 3 meals a week!


“Is that a rutabaga?” NOPE! It’s a fresh beet (not used for today’s meal)


Hubby excited at the thought of me cooking a Blue Apron meal


unpacked the meal ingredients


Knick Knacks: pepper flakes, butter, vinegar (olive oil not included)


time to prepare the collards and mashed potatoes.


sautéing garlic and crushed red pepper.


homemade mashed potatoes 🙂 yum!




I never fry foods but the recipe called for it.


final product!


All in All I think this recipe was a success! I would make it again with a few alterations  (including chicken breasts lol).

Do you have a favorite meal? Have you tried Blue Apron? Did you like it?

Be courageous,


The Midnight Beauty

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