Day 3: Thankful Thursday



I’m taking a moment to be intentionally thankful for ALL that I’ve prayed for that I’ve been blessed to actually receive. It’s funny that we pray for the things that we want but don’t truly know what they will LOOK like when we get them. When that happens, sometimes, we miss the blessing and it becomes a burden. We get tied down in our expectations and forget to take a step back and see that our prayers have been answered. We forget to express our gratitude. Stress and the busyness of life are notorious for leading to ungratefulness and ultimately unhappiness.

Let’s counteract that by being INTENTIONAL about our gratitude! Can you think of something that you wanted, received, and later it just became “the norm”? Before we know it, we are on to the next acquisition, needing something else!

I saw this meme on Instagram on my friend’s page and figured I’d post about it.

I remember the days I prayed for what I have. I remember detailed passionate prayers that listed out, step by step, the things I wanted and needed. I remember how miraculous it felt when I received them… and I work hard to STILL remember to pray for them now. It’s easy to become complacent and unsatisfied.  I believe we should consciously be thankful for our blessings because they can slip through our fingers like slippery sand if we are not careful. Let’s enjoy life while it is ours to enjoy… blessings included.

Let’s also be grateful for the things we wanted that we didn’t get because I just believe that ultimately, things work as they should. Some “blessings” are that we saved ourselves a bunch of trouble by not getting what we thought we wanted.

(No worries, tomorrow is Foodie Friday and I WILL post about the Blue Apron meal!)

Talk tomorrow,


The Midnight Beauty

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