Hey Beaus and Beauts

Oh how I’ve missed you (whomever you are… if there are any of “you” actually reading this). I’ve made it a point to write as if I have a huge -read: more than just me- audience of people who truly enjoy my writing.

I’ve had a busy year. August 2015 was the last time I wrote on this blog apparently? Since then, I’ve gotten engaged, married, and now we are expecting our first child! I started a new job, moved to another state, passed a very important board exam, got a few more certifications, had a medical issue requiring my first hospital stay- I’m supposed to be the doctor, not the patient (I survived, thank you very much!), traveled to Aruba, Dubai, Mexico, Chicago, NC, SC, VA, maybe a few other places (I take lots of photos because otherwise I forget what I’ve done and seen) and am settling into life.

As driven as I am, a constant and apparently repetitive theme seems to be that I often am required to slow down. I say required because, as far as I am concerned life is to be enjoyed and lived actively and fully. And every few years or so, some life circumstance happens and I have to “hold my horses” and manage my expectations to allow for a more human me. More human, less superSHEro… I am a good SuperSHEro though, if I do say so myself.

For the past month I have been “taking it easy” which isn’t easy at all. My most natural and normal state is to be running, dancing, laughing, driving on mini-road trips, working, writing, reading, staying up late to be on call, sleeping well on the other nights… But now, I am taking life a little slower and focusing on the miracle I’ve been assigned and blessed to protect and nourish.

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I’m off to read a good book and rest in my hammock.


Later Beaus and Beauties,


One thought on “Hey Beaus and Beauts

  1. You’re BACK!!! Yes you’ve had s busy year! I hope you really do plan to slow down. Maybe, all of us should take note and slow down on our own.

    Enjoy your unexpected rest. God gives us what we need! And we get it before we even know we need it!

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