This CAN’T be life!!


I’m guessing you’ve all heard that phrase? “This can’t be life!” It’s usually said when something crazy, outlandish, unexpected or down right ridiculous happens.  You call up your closest friend and say, “you’ll NEVER believe what so-and-so said/did, THIS CAN’T BE LIFE!”

But here is the thing… This IS life. Whatever THIS is. Good, bad, ugly, indifferent… what we have IS what we have.  Life was never meant to be a smooth, easy going process where we sail through unaffected by our circumstances (can you say #unbothered?), never suffer a set back, and go “home to glory” in one fell swoop. That would be nice… don’t get me wrong. I just wonder, where we would get depth and character if we never had to overcome anything? I, too,   wonder why life can’t be easy and uncomplicated SOMETIMES… I wonder why it seems that everyone has a hidden roadmap for happiness and I somehow missed the memo, but then I realize something. What we see on a daily basis is generally a facade. No one walks around with a sign that says, ” My life SUCKS. I cried last night. I’m broke and hungry and yeah, I have on cute jeans and a $1,000 dollar watch but really… I’m miserable! ” If they did… I would promptly offer them an appointment at my office. 🙂  Honestly, even the people reading this have someone who looks at YOUR life and secretly hates you because they think you have it so much better than them. 1. Don’t live a life filled with hate because you are jealous 2. If you want what someone has, you’ve got to be willing to do what they did. 3. You don’t truly know what they have, what they did, and it’s important to trust that God has an individual plan for each person so… stay in your lane (you’ll be happier) but I digress.

That, my friends, is why we can not live a life of comparisons. We are ALL fighting a battle of some kind- no one gets to avoid the normal human ailments of happiness, pain, joy, sorrow, fear, triumph, etc.  We don’t get to choose what our struggle will be but we do get to choose HOW we are going to handle it. Will you give up every time the going gets tough? Will you hide your head in the sand and refuse to look at your situation from fear that “this can’t be life” while bad gets worse? Will you put on rose colored glasses and just pretend you have everything you want? <— #Denial is not just a river in Egypt. 😉

At the end of the day, we all should sit back take an honest account of what challenges are present in our lives and make a plan to make the BEST of what we have. Because truly, this IS life. And, it is the ONLY one we are going to get (as far as I know. I personally hope my next life is in Heaven where I truly do hope everything is easy, effortless, and beautiful)!! There is no dress rehearsal. Learn to live beautifully, see the good, make mistakes and forgive yourself, even when the situation is not exactly what you’ve wanted.

What have you done lately to add some BEAUTY to your life!?


Make the Most of it Beaus and Beauties.

2 thoughts on “This CAN’T be life!!

  1. This was a beautiful reminder to all of us!! We really do need to remember that THIS is our life! God wants us to learn the lessons of life. The quotes you share are great! I always enjoy reading your blog. 😄😘. Thank you for your positivity and insight. God is pleased that you are spreading inspiration and beauty!

  2. This is good knowledge for us all. I think is best to keep in mind during the darkest times of our lives. We don’t have the control we think we do of our lives and when things happen that we don’t expect, we somehow Get frustrated not realizing that mostly everything we expect to exerpience is a prediction. The most explicit examples are looking at occulded basilar arteries on a flouroscopic image or a looking a dark “rain” clouds. They could provide evidence to support an anticipated event to happen next but no one can guarantee it. This could alleviate so much stress in our lives if we allow ourselves to not be so rigid in our plans. After all we don’t have control any control. Isaiah 55:8.

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