Wise Words from a decent (WO)man:

“I had to realize there was only one thing for me to do… be true to the plan that GOD had for me and ignore all the noise. ” – First Lady Michelle Obama.

She said this in a recent speech to Tuskegee graduates in reference to how she felt after realizing people were perceiving her so negatively. People will feel how they feel about the Obama’s politics… but I truly respect a person who is strong and courageous enough to acknowledge pain/embarrassment/hurt and still rise above it and succeed. I also think this amazing woman is beyond classy. Her words truly resonate with me.

Magnificent words. I have often found myself in the position to either “go along to get along” or choose MY own joy. I’m proud to say more often than not… when the rubber hit the road, I chose me. I chose life. I chose joy. For that, I will never be ashamed. I value myself too much to be a doormat for anyone but God Almighty and he loves me so much that he has taught me ALL stumbling blocks are simply stepping stones.

My Life Motto: Go where you are celebrated not tolerated. Do your best. Work hard, be friendly and polite, do your BEST to get along with others but never be someone’s toilet paper. 😉 My mom taught me the last part. LOL.

I’m preparing to present for my conference next week but just wanted to share that beautiful quote. Stay focused on YOUR goal and stop living everyone else’s dream. Their applause and accolades won’t feed your soul or heal your body if you allow it get burned out and it SURELY won’t provide you with a wink of sleep and restoration.

“You should never set yourself on fire to keep someone else warm.” – anonymous.

And because I am who I am… Here are some other quotes I found! I LOVE #Pinterest! haha


WE don’t see WITH our eyes… we see through them. 🙂 Choose to see something GOOD

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11112797_382984571891998_5161667271906853113_nSo… THANK YOU to all of the people who have visited or commented on my blog 🙂 That TRULY makes me smile. I was writing for my own pleasure but I am super excited that others may actually read and enjoy it too. Thanks for coming by! Please feel free to comment, follow, or “like”

Back to Work,


2 thoughts on “Wise Words from a decent (WO)man:

  1. This was an awesome post Tiffani. I love the motivational quotes. “Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.” If more of us sought this, we certainly would have better harmony in this world. I saw your tribute to me too regarding the toilet paper. 😄😄. It sounds horrendous but true! I’m glad you understand it 😄 I am proud of you and your accomplishments. Keep living each day fully!! It is Wonderful. Love you, MOM

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