Photo Challenge: Day (2) 5

don’t be confused by the counting :)… It’s my day 2 since I started the challenge late but I’ll go back and do the first 3 days at the end!

Today’s picture is supposed to be of “Solitude”. I must admit I took my pictures before reading the prompt and so… I guess they could fit but… They weren’t intended to. (Yeah, I ended that sentence with a preposition. Shrug. Too tired to care. Forgive me. )

The first 2 pictures are a frozen hospital playground. Empty. As the snow falls, this is one of the few places of solitude im an otherwise hectic, noisy, chaotic environment. Any other time it would be filled with the laughs of kids trying desperately to feel normal.

I’d say that signifies solitude.

The third picture was taken while running. One of the few “close to nature” places in a busy city otherwise constantly on the go. Surprisingly (or maybe not) I was not alone when taking this picture. There were others running  all around me on the one semi-decent day wedged between endless snow/ice/slush days. But still, there I was, in my mind surrounded by unadulterated solitude. Even when I’m not.


Mission accomplished.

Stay warm,

The Midnight Beauty

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