Happy New YEAR- 2015!!!

Is it just me or does time inevitably pass by more quickly as the years go by? You know, when I was 10 years old it took FOREVER to turn 11 and now… I can blink and go from 27 to almost 30. 🙂 I suspect the truth is we simply get more distracted as we age and fail to stop and appreciate each day for what it is, A(the) Present. A gift.

A gift that, if I’m honest, I sort of let slip away. How unfortunate is that? I don’t think it’s uncommon, unfortunately. I had some great times in 2014. Some things that let me know God is ever-present in my life. I had some bad times in 2014, including the 3 broken ankles I had to endure for probably more than 6 months total. YES, I said 3- and no, I only have 2 legs! Somehow, I broke the right ankle twice! I moved. Started a new job. Left my comfort zone. Sheesh. Talk about a challenging year. When it rains it pours. I have a quote right by my door that reminded me, ” Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” So that was a valuable lesson of 2014. I learned to Salsa, Tango, Zumba, etc etc in the rain… and it sure did rain.

But, I welcome 2015. I hope that in this year I will thrive and remain in Joy through it all. I hope that my life will be used to encourage others, that I will meet more of my personal and professional goals and that I will make decisions that will benefit me in the long run. Speaking of running, I hope to run a few more races this year as well. Not sure if you all remember, but I’ve run a few marathons and half marathons… years before running became popular. I’d like to get back to it… now that my ankles are healed! It was a good stress reliever.

There are far too many angry, disgruntled, bitter people spreading hate. I aspire to be one who fights the Good fight of faith and shows that one can be intelligent, kind, understanding, loving and humble. They are not mutually exclusive. I vow to surround myself with those who match my ambition and limit time with those who drain me.

2014 was my year of sowing. Now I’m ready to REAP! Welcome 2015. I plan to make the most of EACH day and if I’m granted another, use it to add joy and beauty to this world. I plan to spend more time loving on those who love me and letting them know just how valuable they are to me!

And that, my friends (or fellow bloggers) is why it’s good to have a reset, restart, and renew button ready to be pressed at anytime.  I pressed mine. Did you? What are you hoping 2015 will bring?


Love always,


Finding beauty in unlikely places.

5 thoughts on “Happy New YEAR- 2015!!!

  1. Lovely! Great job! Gracefully stated and I’m happy for you. I hope you do try hard to be kind intelligent and love humbly. Love you Sis

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  2. Beautiful! Well said! I definitely agree with your insight about time and life. I trust that your blog will be an inspiration to others. Thank God for positive people like you! Good luck with your return to running races thus year. Take time to heal and protect those snkles! 😄😄😘. Nice pictures too.

  3. Hi MidnightBeauty,
    Your positivity is so refreshing! I enjoyed reading this post and I couldn’t agree more with what you said. I miss being a kid, when we can savor each day. But, alas, responsibilities and life awaits us as adults. Good luck with your marathons! But take it easy as well 🙂
    Happy blogging!

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