Morning! Monday Morning Meditation: Day 1

It’s a new week. And while I could just as easily dread it, run and hide…I’ve decided to meet this week head on. Remember my post about being intentional? No? Well I just wrote it last night, so I can’t blame you. Hopefully you’ll check it out when you get some time 🙂 Be Intentional <— No pressure but… here’s the link 🙂


My eyes popped open and the room was still dark. That’s always a sign I’m up too early, but the thing is I had already decided to challenge myself to get up “early” for 30 days in a row. Sigh. So, I really couldn’t complain. I rolled over and it was not even 4 am yet. Usually I would have just gone back to sleep and woken up at my predetermined “early” time, 6:30 am which believe it or not is EARLY for me these days. But anyway, I decided since I was up, I may as well get UP and get going. The thing is, I have an illness (ok. I’m exaggerating but read on anyway).  It now requires me to get up the moment I hear my alarm, or bad things will happen… that illness is exhaustion and a bad sense of hearing in my sleep. IF I don’t get up at  the first sign of the alarm, I will most definitely oversleep for work and, I’m a grown-up. Oversleeping for work is not cool. Or sustainable. Ha!  I’ve been known to sleep through 4-5 alarms blasting loudly, vibrating alarms, alarms across the room, fitbit body alarms, and strategically timed alarms. They don’t work. I secretly wonder if I die every night and then the Good Lord decides to return me to my body cause it’s not my time yet. I trying to use the Power of Habit to work on getting up the first time I wake up…  I do in fact enjoy my sleep quite a bit and plan to go to bed earlier to help make this “early morning challenge” more likely to last more than one day.

Back to the story, I went ahead and got up. In the 2 hours I’ve been awake, I finished my morning workout, made breakfast, meditated, and of course… wrote this blog. I’m proud.

My workout consisted of: spin bike, yoga, and a 10 min ab workout with my girl Chalene. (Chalene created Turbo Jam… she’s not really my friend. I do think she’d be a cool lady to know though.)

This day is successful before it even starts. Now, time for some coffee before I go crawl back in bed! HAPPY MONDAY!

Thanks for reading!

The Midnight Beauty 

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