Be Intentional

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I’m not sure if I’ve posted about this before… but, It’s on my mind. Every sermon I’ve heard today has said SOMETHING about being intentional and staying in faith! (Ps: I said every sermon because I usually go to church on Sunday and then watch a few sermons on TV/internet. Shout out to Joel, Joyce, T.D, and etc. So by the end of Sunday I have lots of inspirational material to get through another hectic week!).

I also make it a concerted effort to collect enough quotes and scriptures to encourage myself when I hit rough patches during the week. The thing about life is… It isn’t always easy. I mean, sure! It feels easy to some people. It feels easy to me sometimes. I simply understand that there are UPS and there are DOWNS and they are all necessary… so I try to be prepared. In fact, (to make this related to the title…) I am intentional.

If I enter the week with a plan, I feel more in control. I feel ready to handle the curve balls, etc. But when I enter the week all willy nilly, my God… it’s gonna be an adventurous week.

Here are some of the quotes I snabbed this week.

” I am a deliberate woman. I live on purpose. ”

Stop building houses in the desert. People use tents in the desert… because they are not going to stay there. Get up and RUN!”

Thank God for the closed doors in your life. That is God telling you your time is done. Be thankful and keep moving.

Write the Vision and make it plain. Then Read it.  Then Run it. Then remind yourself again.   -TD Jakes.

I learned all that from TDJakes this morning. 🙂

So many books talk about being intentional; 7 habits of highly effective people, The resilience factor, to name a few. So maybe there is something to all of this… Could life be better, more exciting, more bearable if we did things intentionally? On purpose? How much more could we accomplish? I will say every goal I’ve ever accomplished was done with a notebook, a “to-do” list, and a good pen to check the steps off one by one.

What dreams do you have? Is there something you have always wanted to do… but just haven’t bothered to try to achieve it? Weight-loss or weight-gain, a new career, a new hobby, a new relationship or social life; all of these things are possible. They won’t be accomplished by accident though. We’ve got to plan, write the vision, and then BELIEVE it can happen.

Here are a few other quotes and pictures to spice it up a bit… 🙂



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That is all.

Anyone want to share what their dreams are or HOW they are going to be more intentional?

Finding the beauty in DISCIPLINE and INTENTION,

The Midnight Beauty

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