First Day of Fall AND Bedtime Routine

Welcome Autumn,

                              “The best times of your life have not yet been lived” – Fortune Cookie

Summer is gone. It came and went quicker than I expected. I have been so busy; Moving, trying to prepare my first home to be sold, broke my ankle twice, tried to keep my spirit high, graduated from residency, and now I’m pursuing a speciality.

I’ve been looking for ways to simplify my life since I have been under quite a large amount stress. Every time I get a few minutes to relax I am either unpacking or going to get more stuff out of storage. SIGH.

I am working on waking up early for work and today I noticed it was DARK at 6 am. That made me sad (well not quite sad but realizing more and more that if I don’t cherish EACH day, I’ll look up and a whole season will have passed me by).  It’s the first day of fall and I already miss summer. 🙂

So, here’s a short list of things I’m looking forward to in the next 3 months. ( basically my attempt to feel better about the new season. )

My Fall Favorites: 

1. Salted Caramel Mocha

2. Cooler weather when I go for my runs

3. Boots – I’ll be wearing flats all Autumn due to my recent prolonged ankle injury

4. State Fairs

5. Did I say coffee and hot chocolates?

6. Straight hair without sweating instantly or humidity of 99%

7. Bike rides with The Beau

8. Weekend trips, hiking, log cabins

9. Hay rides!

10.  Homecomings, football, and friends

Being Silly and trying to practice using my new Nikon 3200/ MacBookPro Photo Booth app.  Photo on 9-22-14 at 11.06 PM #2 Photo on 9-22-14 at 11.06 PM #3 

Enough playing… time to pin my hair and begin my bedtime routine.

Photo on 9-22-14 at 11.25 PM #2

I’m in the process of creating a new bedtime routine to help make my life more consistent and help with occasional insomnia AND decrease my stress level. I’ll post later when I create my completed BTR (BedTime Routine).  So far, my new bedtime routine includes one of my favorites! HOT TEA! (It also includes a journaling, light stretching and yoga portion). If you knew me, you’d know I like to do things randomly. I don’t actually enjoy being very regimented BUT I do think there is joy in knowing what to expect. It seems like I have enough on my mind, freeing up some mental space by making some things routine is a good idea. And hey, if I change my mind later… I’m sure I can easily find disorder and chaos. Ha!

  DSC_0047 Yesterday, I had Peach/Ginger black tea. Today, I am drinking Pear Green Tea. DSC_0021I actually DO have an electric kettle AND a Keurig but there is joy in using my old fashion kettle. 


It’s ready! I love the sound of freshly boiled water for my tea!


The face of a tired woman who is looking forward to drinking tea and reading this stack of books. I have a bad habit of picking 4-5 books from my home library and indulging in a little of each.


Time to get to the journaling part of my night . Here are a few pictures of my pups! DSC_0030  IMG_4501  IMG_4426

So, What are YOUR favorite fall activities? What routines make your life easier?

Good Night Beaus and Beauties. Let’s make this Fall the best ever!

Live Beautifully,

The Midnight Beauty

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