Mile-High Handholding

I keep forgetting to share this story…

So on the plane back from Houston the woman next to me looked over and smiled. I looked up from my book and smiled back… then she said, “I get a little nervous flying.” I thought OH LORD… please don’t let this woman say something that is going to scare me and have me nervous the whole flight.

Been up since 4 am… Trying to look well rested. :-/

She then asked if she could hold my hand when the plane took off. I wasn’t sure what to say…  I would want someone to hold my hand. I would probably be too scared to ask though, so I admired her courage and told her “ok”.

She proceeded to hold my hand from the time the plane took off until we were at 27,000 feet. O_o LOL You know, I think the plane is pretty level at 10,000 and I don’t even know if it actually goes to 27,000 feet LOL but we were WELL in the air before she finally let go. She told me about her husband, her kids, how she met her husband. Asked if I were married, etc. I’m sure the people around us assumed we were the best of friends.

We had a pretty good convo despite the awkwardness. It kind of was like chatting with an old friend, and she seemed to appreciate that. Come to find out her very good friend was dying and she had to fly (though she hates it) to say her “final goodbye.” she thanked me for being a “good Samaritan” and said she hoped that she could meet one more kind person on her last flight home to Boston.

I was glad my small gesture made a difference and if I ever ask a stranger to hold my hand in a time of loneliness and need… I hope they will.

But, better yet, Lord fill my life with love, people to share my joy, and a heart so big that I welcome giving back to people who need it.  You know the saying… it is better to Give than to receive, or something like that. I take that to mean, it’s better to be in a position to GIVE something away than to need to wait to RECEIVE it. But, I’ll take my blessings however I get em. 🙂

The wedding site of my good friend! Can’t wait to put up the rest of her pics (with permission of course) LOL

2 thoughts on “Mile-High Handholding

  1. What a wonderful story. I'm so glad you held her hand. As I have always said, ” the biggest gifts cost nothing”! You were a blessing to her and helped to assuage her fears. Thank you for that. And notice how you received something as well. Wonderful!

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