Happy New Year!!!

Feel that? That’s the excitement of a new year. Yeah, I get it. I know…. it’s just another day. But I never will understand the people who refuse to dream because it may not come true or won’t set goals Because they may fail. Dare to be something bigger than you are . Sure, you can do that on ANY day of the week, any moment of the day and any moment you change your mind and decide to be better. but… get hype, join a movement, and pick a moment to mark the moment your life changes. And if you fail, so what? You fail everyday by not trying. 

So excited for 2014. 2013 was the year of many many many life lessons. But I don’t regret them… I’m a better woman entering 2014 than I was entering 2013. Had some joy, had some pain, cried myself to sleep and laughed until I cried. Such is life. God is gonna use my pain to birth something BEAUTIFUL in my life and hopefully someone else’s.

2013: I saw the world, made new friends, lost some, traveled so many places I forgot every place I went, nurtured relationships, found joy, had pain, felt sad and lonely, remembered I wasn’t, enjoyed the happiness I was able to receive, opened my heart and decided to consider letting others in, Won a national award, got interviews at top notch programs, was able to pre-match into a fellowship position, danced until my body got tired, ran until I forgot what I was worried about, made connections, put my career on a different trajectory, but most importantly was reminded that I’m not in this alone. God knew and knows the END from the beginning and I refuse to think he’s taking me anywhere but somewhere GREAT.

So to that I say, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May it be the BEST you’ve ever seen and if it’s not, may God bless you with another chance.

Stay HOPEFUL MY FRIENDS . It gets better.  .

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