Countdown is on

20 days until I’m free. I want to write more and decided that I definitely need a hobby LOL. I have 20 days until I take my national Board exam. It’s TWO-  eight hour -days of  questions. Then my birthday is two weeks after that.

So, I’m buckling down, fighting exhaustion and deciding that in EXACTLY 3 weeks I will be sitting on my couch relaxing, proud of all that I have accomplished. And then I can focus on other things like enjoying life, planning this research project and deciding what hobby I want to have for the next few years LOL. I need something to do with my free time.

Oh, I basically study, nap, and exercise daily at this point. The studying is for my exam, the nap is because I’m exhausted, the exercise is to clear my mind so I can focus on the task at hand. Oh and I’ve also added back my daily relaxing bath (with candles and music lol). It helps me take the edge off.

After the exam, I’ll be planning my bday! July 23 is right around the corner.

Just checking in. Hope all is well!

Wish me luck,

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