GImme a Break

I guess I’ll keep this short.

I’m tired. But not like that, “I haven’t slept in days” tired. More like the  “no matter how much I sleep, I’m still gonna be tired” tired. Sure, that’s probably because I work 80 hours a week, seldom get a break and then have paperwork to do for HOURS when I get home. Oh, and I’m studying for boards…. so, that takes a lot of my mental energy too.

I’m stressed and not having nearly as much fun as I should. I mean, I don’t want to have too much fun and I’ve never really been a party animal but… Gimme a Break, a girl has needs. (Laying on a beach in a bikini is one of them! lol. #notjoking) I’m mentally preparing to turn it up a notch on the studying for this exam. It costs like > 1G to take it. And of course I want to do well. But as far as the more fun/ less tired part of my life… I’ve decided that in the next 30 days I’m going to do something about that.

It probably won’t sound that fun to you but… I’m planning to do yoga every day for the next 30 days. Yoga makes me more reflective, more relaxed, more focused, more flexible, etc etc. I usually feel calm and like I can conquer the world after a good yoga session. I’m also planning to run 3-5 miles most days for the next 30 day (I’m not sure that this is fun…). But, I’m gonna do it. I actually love running (working out in general), I’ve done marathons, half marathons etc… maybe it’s not the running I love so much but the ENDORPHINS that come after. You’ve heard of that Runner’s High? Well I’m planning to go to work high every day for the next 30 because, homegirl is TIRED at work and I can only drink so much coffee. I don’t want my teeth to turn the color of asphalt.

And, I guess I need to find one other FUN thing to do that’s not exercise related… hmm, guess I’ll think on that. But, in the meanwhile I’m going to try to Explore Winston-Salem and find one new thing to do out here per week.


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