Monday Morning Madness… Need a laugh?

Monday Morning laughs! (Wanna hear something funny?)

OK, so I wake up early to get my workout in. Getting my day off to a GREAT start. Then put on a cute dress and head out the door. Well as I’m leaving I spill coffee ALL over the right side of the dress. I shook my head. Grabbed a towel, tried to get as much off as I could, then kept it moving because I wanted to be ON TIME.

I laugh in the car like… ok Monday, you will not defeat me.

Then as I’m driving I notice my left contact is irritating my eye. To the point I have to drive with one eye closed. But good news, I get to work EARLY. 🙂 I walk through the doors with a smile, get ALL THE WAY to my office. Go to open the door and spilled my coffee AGAIN! Like, soooo much that I was soaked down to my panties… oops I mean…  shoes? All I could do was bust out laughing like WTF!?!?!? REALLY?

So of course at this point I’m screwed. I head to the bathroom wash my entire dress. Take out the contact that has some how dried on my eye in the past 15 mins… and Just thank God for another day. I mean… really!? Who does that?

Good news: I have 1.5 hours until the first patient gets here and I live close to work… .oh AND I still have a big smile. This is gonna be a good day.

Happy Monday! After the Fiasco… Hair in twists bun.
But itsn’t God GOOD? I wore a multiple color dress today… and the colors are brown, black, and tan. So the coffee was easy to get out. 🙂 
I figure, I can’t control what happens… but I CAN control my attitude. I mean, if I can’t laugh at myself… It’ll make for a pretty dry day. But, I know some people who would walk around complaining ALLLLLLL day because this happened. Laugh, fix it if you can and move on. Blessed to have another day, a GREAT morning workout… and some endorphins to help maintain a good attitude through this foolishness!
I still only have one contact in… until it finishes moisturizing. I’m hoping to get it back in comfortably before my patient shows up.
I was definitely DTM (Doing Too Much) this am! 
Lesson learned. Do NOT try to multitask while carrying coffee. NEVER! Just put the cup down, make multiple trips. Something. It’s not worth it. HAHA. Waking up early allows for mishaps to happen without adding too much stress to your day.  🙂 
Have an AMAZING Monday… and if things don’t go as planned, I hope you can laugh about it.
Stay Dry, 

One thought on “Monday Morning Madness… Need a laugh?

  1. What a hilarious morning! I'm glad you kept your positive perspective! It is so funny when we look back and wonder why we thought we could multitask in the first place! Glad you thought about the “moral of the story”. 🙂 I really hope you have a great day!

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