What’s taken me so long?

I’ve been writing on my blog for a while but I still haven’t managed to write about one of my favorite topics… HAIR! 🙂

Being “natural” (wearing one’s hair in it’s natural texture) has been all the rage these days and I LOVE seeing people embrace what’s growing out of their scalp. But, I’m not relaxer hater… It’s just not for me at this point in my life.  I decided to stop relaxing my hair in December 2005. This was before there were Youtube videos, tutorials, or really any kind of social acceptance on not following the norm and relaxing your hair. I joined Fotki (a picture sharing website) and found other naturals and we did our best to share the tips we knew. I met some great friends on there as well.

I was going to Hawaii in March 2006 so I decided that would be my last relaxer and I would start my natural hair journey after that.

I won’t go into my entire story here, but let’s just say, I transitioned (grew out my natural hair) for 14 months and continued along my journey through trials and error. Here we are, 7 years later and I’m still going strong. There are things I miss about having relaxed hair, but for the most part (95%) I am completely satisfied and don’t see myself going back.

Basically, this post will just be a few pictures of my natural hair recently. I had my hair cut recently to BSL (Bra Strap Length) and I have layers. When it is curly, It shrinks above my shoulders. That can be annoying but really, it provides me with versatility and I get the best of both worlds. I can have long straight hair AND short curly hair… and it’s all healthy and all mine!

I’m still learning styles and I do enjoy watching the youtube videos and tutorials. But, with my busy life I’ve got to find something that is professional, doesn’t take much time, allows me to workout hard and sweat a lot, and still looks cute.

I try to let my hair be free on the weekends 🙂

Ok, Well that’s it for now. I’ll post my regimen in another post. Enjoy the pics !

Old twist out.  4/2013

quick style: Twists in front, old twist out
Dinner date: Chicken, Waffles and collard greens YUM!
Twist out at work
Low Pony… needed something quick.
Just took some kinky twists out
Hair straightened with some curls
Straightened hair in a bun!
Straightened hair. Longer than it looks curly 😉
Twist out with flax seed gel! 

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