From the Beaches of La Republica Dominicana!!

Hola mis amigos! Yo estoy in La Republica Dominicana ahora. And that is the extent of my Espanol and I can’t even guarantee that’s grammatically correct! LOL

I’m typing from my iPad, so I’ll make this quick. I am having a blast! I know enough Spanish to get by and the natives don’t seem to mind my practicing Spanish with them one bit! They want to learn English so it seems like a fair trade.

My days mostly consist of sleeping 9 hours (at least) then going to breakfast. Later, I lie by the beach for countless hours reading until I get bored. Walk around as much as possible and enjoy the sites. The breeze is amazing and I feel completely worry free!!

I travel everywhere with my notebook and a good book. So I’ve spent much of my time in quiet contemplation.

What I’ve learned so far: no matter what language you speak a big smile and friendly face go a looonnnnnggggg way! So do hand gestures! Lol

People like to have fun and all deserve a vacation!

If you can’t get away for a big vacation try to take a mini vacation or at least rest your mind 🙂

Gotta go!

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