What’s your Vision!?!?

Usually I wait until I have something amazing to write about… but, I want to get back in the habit of writing so I am just going to write small blogs until I find something that inspires me.

Today’s blog is about having a vision for your future!

In this life you will have your share of adversity. I have learned that if you have a Vision, you will be better able to withstand criticism, adversity, and the twists and turns that come with trying to achieve something. Having a vision provides you with something to plan for and gives you a future to which you can look forward. 
How much thought have you given where you’d like to be in the next year? 5 years? 10?
Is there anything you desire enough to actually PLAN  for it and see that it happens? 
Would you like to have a better diet? Lose weight? Go back to school? Get a promotion? Set your sights on something BIGGER than you have right now and get to work! 

We’ll talk soon,


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