Early Morning Meditation

Good morning!

It’s before 5 am and I’ve already read several chapters in 2 books, prayed, and had some tea. So I decided I may as well write a quick blog while I’m at it. I wouldn’t quite complain that I’m suffering from insomnia because I went to bed around 7 pm and was asleep by 8 something. 🙂 I have been sick all weekend and honestly it wasn’t worth it for me to keep pushing it out and trying to stay awake. So, when I awoke hours before my alarm, I initially tried to fall back asleep and when that failed I decided I’d benefit more by trying to enjoy the extra* time I was given.

Being up early and having a chance to do some early morning meditation is such a good way to start the day. I usually try to sleep until the last minute and end up feeling rushed and frazzled. Somehow, now I feel that I will at least have a good start to my day and hopefully be more centered.

I made a “Daily in December” goal to help me remain active in the Winter when it is typically hardest for me to stay upbeat and active. I have a treadmill, a spin bike, exercise videos, AND a gym membership… so really there is no excuse for me not to stay active in the winter now. I made sure of that. I’m off to do some cardio and a quick yoga session (in my home gym). The plan is to lift weights after work so I will go ahead and pack my gym bag so I can go straight there. Boiling eggs while I workout. Breakfast will be oatmeal, turkey bacon, and boiled eggs. Yay!

My Downward Facing Dog with Leg lift

Hope you all find a way to make today productive!! What are your favorite morning rituals to make your day go a little smoother??

P.S. I was asked to write a blog to document my journey this year, so I will be working on that and hopefully have it up within the week. I have really enjoyed writing and appreciate you all taking the time to read!

Stay motivated,

3 thoughts on “Early Morning Meditation

  1. Wow! You did so much already this morning. I know you feel more relaxed and proud of your accomplishments. You love to meditate and read. You are starting your day will positive energy. It just makes me feel better when I'm more prepared and plan ahead. Nice yoga pose!

  2. This was an amazing blog post! I love early morning bible meditation it feels So great! You've inspired me to start going to bed earlier so I can experience more mornings like this. : )

  3. Marie 75, Thank you for being a dedicated reader of the blog! It's much appreciated! 😀

    Chan, thank you for taking the time to read the blog!!! I'm glad you felt like it could inspire you. I do think that starting your day with a CALM morning helps the day go much much smoother. Please Subscribe so you will know when I post more blogs! Thanks for stopping by.

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