I have been so sick all day. Like, stay home from work sick… but I’m doing my best to feel better because I am on call tomorrow (so working 24 hours basically, well literally). I’m going to make this quick. I just wanted to post another topic really quickly while I had a second.

This is #2 of my list (see earlier blog) of things we do that make our life harder and less productive.

Waiting until tomorrow to do what should and could be done today

I think we ALL have some degree of procrastination in us. It’s hard to motivate yourself to do things that are annoying, uncomfortable, or that you “hate” doing. It’s easier to say you’ll wait until later or tomorrow to start studying or exercising or eating right or dressing better. It’s always easier to look out there for when change will come. The truth is there is no “tomorrow”. Wait, that sounds grim.

What I mean to say is, if you continue to look to tomorrow for change the likelihood is low that you will ever actually accomplish it. My favorite saying is “Don’t wait on tomorrow. It never comes because by the time tomorrow comes, it will be today and you still will be waiting.”

Each day try to think of a few small concrete things you can do that will lead you closer to your goals. Then do them. At the end of the day, if that’s all you do at least you’ve accomplished something that leaves you one step closer. One step closer is better than staying in the same place or more likely being one step further away.

I was sick as a dog today but I still jumped on the treadmill and walked then got on my spin bike for an hour of total exercise. Did I burn 1000 calories? Probably not. But I tried. Did my best and when I feel better I’ll do better. So, sick or not I can be proud that I gave my all today! And… I wrote a post for this blog so I can be even more proud.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read!!!

Passing out now,


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Hey Beautiful! This is Shawn (secostley) from MFP! Great blog! Recommend posting about your progress this year (mentally and physically) as an inspiration to others going into the new year. Love the articles! Keep at it!



  2. The truth is that we be can become consumed with day to day living and lose track of our plans or goals. So, we have to just do the small things as you said.
    By the way, you find the BEST adverisements and slogans. Thanks for writing even while sick. Feel better soon.

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