Don’t limit yourself

This has been a long week for me (wait it’s only Wednesday)? Hope everyone has had a great week so far! It’s one week closer to Christmas… do you have your tree up yet? Is your house decorated? Honestly, I haven’t done much but my heart is in the holiday spirit! I promise. Work has been super busy this week and I randomly noticed a LOT of odd things recently and thought about possibly blogging about them. But… I won’t go into detail. [I keep reminding myself that this blog is about the things I enjoy and are important to me… not more work talk LOL]

A Cupcake and glass of Wine would be nice right now…  Red Velvet Cupcake 5.11

I just wanted to write a quick post and include a few pictures that make me smile…

When it comes to reaching your goals (weight loss, running a marathon, getting a new/better job), how amazing would it be if you were to realize that YOU were the only thing standing in your way?? What if it truly were your LACK of belief in your abilities that made you less likely to succeed? Can you imagine that?

For me, that was a sobering thought. It is amazing to think we have the potential to dream something, believe in ourselves, overcome hurdles, and then accomplish it. The thing about taking responsibility, unfortunately,  is that suddenly, you have no one to blame.  Late to work? You could blame the traffic OR be honest and say ” I was going to wake up early, I pressed the snooze button a thousand times and then I was late to work.” I’m not suggesting that you go around telling your boss that though (might end up losing your job)! You can blame your busy schedule for being 40 pounds overweight OR you can put a plan into place and work on getting your body healthy again. When you are responsible, you ALSO have the power to change things… and THAT my friends is the good news!!!!! 

I love quotes! 

 I’m simply stating that you don’t have to give up on your goals. You don’t have to limit yourself and think of all the reasons you won’t make it or accomplish your life’s dream. Believe in yourself, work hard, then get OUT of your way. Let life lead you where it may.

I’m off to exercise and hopefully study. Then sleep.

Something to think about: The year is coming to a close. Have you revisited your New Years Resolutions? Are there any you can knock out in the next 2 weeks? Have you started thinking what you want to accomplish next year? Take a few moments this week and look back over 2012.. I’m sure you’ve made some major accomplishments! What would you do over? What would you do differently?

Biltmore New Years day 2012

Later guys,

4 thoughts on “Don’t limit yourself

  1. Another great post! Thank you for the suggestion to examine our goals for 2012 NOW. Like you said, we have 2 weeks to make some progress toward those goals. This would help us end the year on a positive note and not perpetuate negative energy in the new year. Even partial success feels good. 🙂

    I also like the holidays! It is time for family, friends and FAITH. (Not just gift giving)
    Keep writing! You are inspiring many!

  2. Thank you Marie!

    You are so right, partial success is STILL success! The truth is we get to each goal with several small successes and we all have to start somewhere. Thank you for reading this blog! I hope you have an amazing holiday with your family!

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