Removing the Clutter

Taking a moment to reflect

When you think of clutter… what comes to mind? A closet full of clothes and nothing to wear? A fridge full of food and nothing to eat? Or maybe, a mind full of thoughts and yet you are unable to focus. Well I think there is something to be said about having MENTAL CLARITY.

Our environment greatly affects our ability to focus. For me, I study and learn better when I am in a neat/organized environment. My definition of clutter is anything that gets in the way of doing what you’d rather be doing. For the next week or two, I plan to get more organized and get rid of clutter (mental and physical clutter) so that I will be able to use my time more wisely.

The physical clutter includes clothes that you can no longer wear- maybe they are too big or too small, this includes those clothes that fit perfectly fine but are no longer flattering. The best part is, if you give the clothes to charity you are helping others while you help yourself as well.

Mental clutter includes things that cause mental distress, things that take up too much mental energy (undone tasks), and things that are not within your control.  Journaling, yoga, and meditation all help with removing mental clutter and improving your creativity. At the least, you may find that you have more peace in your life.

My goal for this month is to remove clutter from my life and return to my regular practice of yoga/journal/meditation. Do you have any goals? June is JUST beginning… let’s make the most of it.

Sweet T

One thought on “Removing the Clutter

  1. I also perform better when less clutter is around. It is so easy for things to build up mentally and physically. When my physical world is cluttered, it adds to my mental clutter. It is almost impossible to focus while worrying about undone tasks. We have to make a conscious effort to keep everything in its place. My goal is to file papers in my filing cabinet this month. I need to put papers away immediately or there will be stacks of paper on my desk.

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