I need a (mini) vacation!

Botanical Gardens last spring. 🙂 I thought this was beautiful and serene. 

Another long day at work… on a SATURDAY. But, I’m home now. I should really use this time wisely and study, clean, meditate. All I feel like doing is relaxing on the couch, baking some cookies and alternating between reading a “fun book” and watching a movie! And therefore, that is exactly what I will do. Maybe a little R & R will give me the mental motivation to actually get something done.

Have you taken a mini vacation lately? Why wait until you have a 7 day “vacay” to get some peace of mind? Relaxation is no further than your imagination. When you’re busy and life seems to forget you need a break… TAKE one anyway.

You’ll be better for it. Maybe the secret to making life a little sweeter is being sweet to ourselves.

Sweet T

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