Sweet T- making life a little sweeter ONE SMILE at a time
 Not sure exactly why the sun decided to shine on me like this that day… but each day I think we should wake up and FIND something to smile about! 

So… I’ve been waiting and wanting to start a blog for a long time now. I have blogs on other websites but none that are all mine OR about me and the things that make me smile. I’ve been busy and for whatever reason haven’t been able to make time to actually START the blog I’ve been thinking about. [OK, maybe those 80 hour work weeks are the reason I didn’t have time.] I didn’t know what to name it, what site to put it on, what it should be about, or why I even wanted to write… but I’m tired of thinking about it and I’m just going to make it happen. The name may change, the concept may change, but one thing will remain the same (with some slight improvements from time to time lol)… ME! So welcome to my blog!!!

A little about me: I am finally done with school. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to read and study daily… but, finally I don’t have to take a test every 2 weeks or study my butt off non-stop to stay afloat. So let’s see… I’m a doctor (finished school at 25) and I’m about to enter my second year of residency. I will eventually specialize in obesity. I love exercise, natural hair, writing, God, vacations, encouraging others and pretty much anything that makes me smile. Maybe, this blog will allow me to post on things that make me happy or those things that make me wonder.  There has been a huge adjustment from being a student to being THE doctor… but I can talk about work AT work… so this blog will just be for fun. Not gonna take this too seriously but let’s see where this takes us!

Sweet T

One thought on “Intro

  1. yay! Congrats and welcome to the Blog world. We're Sparkfriends so I figured I would follow you here as well. I look forward to reading your stories.

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